Practice Areas

Estate Tax and Distribution Planning and Implementation - Helping both single and married clients to formulate and attain their goals in the management and distribution of their estate during lifetime and at death.

Probate Administration - Obtaining the court appointment of a client as the “personal representative” of a decedent’s domiciliary or ancillary estate. Advising and assisting the personal representative in the completion of his or her duties. Obtaining the client’s discharge as personal representative upon final distribution. Or, advising and assisting a devisee (beneficiary of a probate estate).

Trust Administration - Advising and assisting a client in the performance of his or her duties as trustee; including but not limited to, assisting the trustee in funding assets into the trust, advising the trustee as to the trustee’s duties under the trust, the Prudent Investor Rule and the Principal and Income Act, assisting the trustee in the allocation of assets amongst various trusts, and advising the trustee regarding discretionary and mandatory distributions. Or, advising and assisting the beneficiary of a trust.

Agency - Advising clients who are agents under a Power of Attorney for financial matters or under an Advance Health Care Directive.

Probate and Trust Disputes - Representing clients who are “devisees” (beneficiaries) or heirs to a probate estate or who are beneficiaries of a trust but who are not the personal representative or trustee. Representing clients who contest the validity of a will or trust. Representing clients who seek to be appointed personal representative or trustee and/or who oppose the appointment of someone else.


Attorney John M. Minnott and the law firm of Lange & Minnott has been privileged for more than twenty-five years to have been of thoughtful and concerned assistance to our clients.